Jeffery Straker is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has performed all across Canada, Europe & Latin America.  He’s recorded his ROOTS/FOLK music for CBC radio’s ‘Canada Live’, has seen his songs used in film, TV and theatrical productions and in 2019 won a Western Canadian Music Award.  Recently he was awarded “Roots/Folk Artists of the Year” at the 2020 Saskatchewan Music Awards. 
Working with Jeffery has been a tonne of fun, loads of creativity and a wide range of projects. My most recent project with Jeffery has been creating the artwork for the CD and album Just Before Sunrise. Go to to check it out. 
" Working with Mary Beth I've had the pleasure of seeing her designs across several parts of my music business.  Projects have included tour posters, website graphics, social media graphics, email newsletters as well as artwork for my latest albums and single releases.  It's been wonderful working with someone who has taken the time to understand my brand and consistently keeps that brand imagery in mind with each new design she takes on.  She's become an integral part of how my music "looks" to listeners."
Jeffery Straker, singer-songwriter 
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